A Good Winter Needed


As I stood on the scale, I kept pushing the little metal thing further and further to the right … and it became pretty clear, I’ve had a pretty good summer.  I weighed 244.5 lbs.  Which while still a good 161.0 lbs less than I did in 2009, it’s 15 lbs more than I weighed when I left the the weight loss program in Wichita (a few weeks before I left Wichita all together).

I’ve known that I have been living the good life up here, lots of beer, eating out nearly every night.  Just as much as I knew I needed to get back on the horse.

As I looked at that scale, I kept telling the trainer next to me “Damn, its been a good summer”.  His response, “well, lets make it a good winter.”

I joined a program at Body Renew, a kinda newish gym here in town.  They put together a program for me that is three fold … cardio, resistance training, and nutrition.  I’m squawking a bit at the nutrition side (3 years of learning how to eat, I don’t need a fitness guy to tell me to eat right … if it was that easy … bah!)  but I could use the accountability right now.

What I really wanted, and what I seem to be getting, is the kick start into other strength training ideas.  My first session was Wednesday, and the dude kicked my ass.  Second session is Saturday, and I hope the dude kicks my ass again … cause I don’t care if the fall sucks, the winter is long, and the spring starts getting better … I want to have a great summer next year.


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