Eleven Years Ago, It was a Tuesday …


Eleven years ago, it was a Tuesday, I came to work on the side of town I normally don’t.  I had to work on a report and needed lab time to do it.  They start later there, so I had time to watch the news that day … and the big story was that we were going to hear whether or not Micheal Jordan was going to make a comeback to the NBA or not.  I remember thinking that this was a ridiculously slow day for the news if that’s their lead.

I got to the empty lab and started crunching thoroughly stuff and everything was going pretty well.  The Lab Manager, Mike Bird, came in and we started to chat.  He is a big Oklahoma Sooners fan, so we started chatting about the games over the weekend.  The conversation was filled with the usual jabbing and needling, nothing short of fun.  Then Mike’s phone rang.  He looked at the number and he rolled his eyes saying “it’s the wife,” taking the call.  I can’t really remember what he said to her, it just was clear she was wrapped up into something on the television.  When he hung up he filled me in, and my first thoughts were how during WWII a plane got lost in the fog over Manhattan and sadly found the Empire State Building.  He didn’t really think this was the same thing, but what did either of us know.

Then his phone rang again, and he answered quickly seeing the number.  I remember him looking up at me and saying “There was a second one.”

That’s when the world changed.

The story of September 11, 2001 goes on well further after that time.  Regardless of what you think of the  world since that day, we all have a story to tell of that day.   We all have opinions of that day.  We all have opinions of the world since that day.  I only post for the reason I tell every story important to me …

It’s better to remember, lest I forget.


One thought on “Eleven Years Ago, It was a Tuesday …

  1. Shannon Jones

    Like most everyone, I will also always remember how that morning unfolded. We had a 4 month checkup scheduled for our daughter, Alyssa. Because I was going to work immediately after the appointment, my wife and I drove separately. The first impact happened before we went to the Doctor, as I was explaining to them what was going on, the second impact happened. After the appointment was over, I remember driving away from the Doctor’s office, with my wife in the lane next to me, and just watching them, wondering what else might happen that day,and how the world was irreversibly changed for us on that day. I don’t recall now whether there were still planes in the air in Wichita or not but that time of the day, but I know by that afternoon, it was so eerily silent when none were flying, which is quite a shift from the normally busy Wichita skies.

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