The Trouble with Football


I am struggling with football, and not just because the Packers lost today … though that didn’t help.

Remember that Anchorage is three hours different that Central/Kansas/Lambeau Field time.  I think ultimately I am going to be okay with games starting at 9AM.  Something about watching the game and having the whole afternoon still ahead of me sounds good.  In fact, I did Thunderbird Falls today even after the late game.  What always was a struggle before was that when a football game got done at 3PM, it was too late to do anything but too early to do not do anything.  At least this way I have a choice.

The places that show the games usually show them all, and they open early.  Many advertise their Sunday Breakfast.  I have heard that you have to get to them all early thought — like 7 or 8 AM — to get a seat.  I took the chance to hit places right at the end of the early game (Noon) assuming that people would clear out.

I tried Crossroads, which is a decent place in a bad part of town (as it happens, two blocks from my apartment).  Filled to the brim.

Next was McGinley’s, my way too often Irish Pub.  They had “a game” on … but it was not “THE game”.  Though they apologized and were nice about it … almost made me stay.

Then I tried Buffalo Wild Wings, a chain but it just opened in the last few months.  I walked up to the door and a 49ers fan spotted me on the way out and said that they had 15 people waiting for seats.

So finally I tried what would be the golden cow, Peanut Farm.  I doubted I would get a seat, everyone talks about watching football at Peanut Farm, so there is just no way I can out do 400,000 Alaskans to get a seat.  I learned something pretty cool though, they had a whole room for packer fans complete with permanent packer stuff in it.  There were no seats there, but hey … good to know, right?

So I watched the game at the apartment, where Sunday Ticket was in a free weekend … and cried a little.

The problem is with College too.  There isn’t anyone I watch regularly and haven’t been really in 15 years or so (though I watch the Big Ten to point out how overrated they are … did you know if you removed the mid-major and FCS teams, Big Ten has only 3 wins?  Two of them are by Northwestern … go Wildcat’s!!).  What I used to do is spend the afternoon and evening just flipping through all the good games.  Problem is, they all come on about noon time … and that’s way too early to get drunk.


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