A Good Weekend So Far


You know what?  It’s been a good weekend.

Yesterday, as you regulars know, I topped Flattop – a mountain that kicked my tail in August.

I also got word back on the request on repair of the new house, and the sellers have agreed to replace the roof before we close.  I had some stern discussions with my relator for even asking them to cover any cost to replace the roof.  That house is underpriced and I don’t want them squawking on something big like the roof so much we lose the deal.  He kept saying “It’s just a start and we can negotiate, worse case you get the house and have to replace the roof someday.”  So this was a win for them to pay for it … a big win.

I spent time with the Alaska Geocache group this morning during a short notice CITO (Cache In Trash Out — a clean-up event known for giving back to where you geocache at).  I guess we (Geocache Alaska … I’m a sourdough member, btw, which means I pay dues) maintain a trail off of Rabbit Creek Road, and eight trees fell across them.  I wasn’t on tree duty, I got to haul buckets of gravel up and down a steep trail.  But like I logged with that event, nothing brings people together like hard labor.  Got some quality time with other local cachers.  Turns out I am causing a bit of concern bringing my 4600 finds to a state where that puts me in the top 10 cachers.

Then spent some time watching football today.  Talking to people about football.  Hanging out in places where football was on.

Friday night, I followed my Friday Night habit of spending time at McGinley’s, an Irish Pub downtown.  It’s the live music that keeps bringing me back, and its never the same people there.  Good stuff, and good ammo for drunk facebooking.

Tomorrow, I test the waters for the first time in the world of “Watching NFL Football in Alaska”.  Early games tomorrow start at 9am.  Packers don’t kick off until after Noon, so I am safer.  But what is clear is that the TV in my apartment is ABSOLUTELY no place to watch a game.  Peanut Farm is the place everyone talks about, and they do have a new Buffalo Wild Wings … but a guy tonight suggested I try a seedy looking place that is just a few blocks away from me, Crossroads Bar.  Wish me luck, because … if I can’t get Packer Football, there will be trouble.


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