Snow Day … but for Wind


All the schools in Anchorage had the day off today.

Not because of snow, cause I know that’s exactly where y’all went.

Last night the storm predicted here hit will all its fury.  While there was some rain in it, the wind blew pretty mightily.  The result of which was tree after tree after tree down.

Up on Hillside (which was in last night’s blog) at the Glen Alps station (which is where the trailhead up to Flattop … see Flattop Fail blog) clocked the big wind.

131 miles per hour (210 kilometers per hour for you folks overseas).

That’s not just “Hurricane Force Winds”  that’s a Catagory 4 Hurricane Force Winds.

My apartment lost power about the time I went to bed, and it came back on after I slept in by 30 minutes or so.  Had a little debris on the car.  Had a long drive into work since most of the traffic lights were out … I live just a little bit more than a mile from our main tower, and it took me 25 minutes.  Power was off there early in the morning, which led many to stay home … and the schools being closed kept them home too.  Lots of people lost trees, lots lost shingles, some had some big damage.  But luckily there is no reports of any injuries.

Rain is expected to continue thru Friday … but the weather is supposed to get good Saturday Night and Sunday … which has me eyeing my tent … but you know how that goes.


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