Weather and Inspection Report


So I have been complaining about the weather here and there in the blog the last couple of days, but rightly so.  It’s rained a lot.  It’s been a bit cool, lows in the 40s highs in the 60s, but not bad.  The rain is the thing that is hard to get past.  Over the last week its sprinkled or poured or threatened to get you wet pretty much constantly for 10 days or so.  There’s been some breakthru points, but usually followed up with a bit more rain.

Tonight there is a real weather concern here … wind.  Like Kansas magnitude wind.  There is a part of town called “Hillside” on the south eastern section.  It’s a higher end housing, because from up there everyone has an awesome view (that and the lot size is huge … and if you are going to haul stuff up there to build a house you are going to be well off).  It stands up higher than the rest of town so trees don’t slow down any wind.  It’s also right at the edge of Turnagain Arm, a tight glacial valley heading pretty much east-west.  So hillside gets hit with a double whammy … funneled winds from the east.

Tonight there is a major pacific storm that rushes over Alaska from the west.  From satellite photos, it looks like a hurricane.  They are predicting hurricane force winds here in Anchorage, and that’s after the hundreds of miles between here and the western coast got the brunt of the storm’s energy.  Hillside is supposed to see 70-100 mph winds.  No real danger here, except to property, but we’ll see how things work itself out.

On a property note, had my inspection on my house yesterday, and it went pretty well.  One big adjustment between Kansas and Alaska … Roofs actually last the life of the warrenty.  Back in Kansas, you buy a 25 year roof with a bit of a chuckle, because if the hale storm next year doesn’t total your roof, the one four years form now will, or if you are really lucky the one seven years from now.  Down side is you actually have to pay for your roof (not your insurance guy).  My new house is just about 30 years old, so guess how old the roof is?  We are in talks with the seller on swinging a deal.  That and I have to deal with an old furnace and water heater.  Otherwise, little things … but remind me about hole in the crawlspace someday.


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