August Bunny Count


August is Over, so here are your totals:

Days in Alaska: 27
Bears Seen: 3
Moose Seen: 3
Bird Poop Seen: Loads
Total Earthquake Magnitude “Felt”: 5.2 (1 Quake)
Miles Walked / Hiked: 91.9
Geocaches Found: 54
Consecutive Days with Geocache Find: 27
Nights in an Irish Pub: 6
RAV4s Back in my Possession: 1
RAV4s Antenna Back in my Possession: 0
Visits to Alaskan DMV: 4
House Offers Made: 2
Pre-Season Packers Games Missed because its halftime when I get off of work: 4
Total Number of Times Killed by Bear, Moose, Earthquake, Drunken Irishman, Geocache Muggle, DMV Worker, or Random Stranger who thought I had it coming: 0

Special thanks got to Ironman Amy Fletcher whom doesn’t acknowledge that I stole the Bunny Count concept from her from when she would report back on the animals seen during her workouts.


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