Offer Accepted


My offer on the house was accepted. We gave them until 6PM today to respond hoping to make them jump before we found ourselves in a bidding war, and at 5PM they contacted my realtor to let him know that the deal has gone through.  I’ll close likely around October 15th, so still a long trail of paperwork and inspections and things to go … but all signs point to being an Alaskan Homeowner before Winter.

Now the real challenge … and welcome to the first “Interactive” Blog post of the Bear Feed.  What am I going to name the thing?

I started naming the houses up here as a joke (I mean … you HAVE to call the Murder House “The Murder House”) but then it became easier to give the rest of them names (Dog Smell House, Reliant Duplex, Drunken Architech, Highway House) but I didn’t get much of a shot to think of a name for this place.

So I need your help.  Throw me ideas and I will put a poll together for y’all to respond.

Some of the suggestions so far:

Plan B (see yesterday’s blog)
The Gray House (cause its … gray)
Strawberry Lake (cause that’s the lake on the other side of the highway)
bilderbuch haus (German for … ummm … probably something nice)
The House We Will Throwdown In (long name, but Brad Barnes always must get an honorable mention)

If you need inspiration, the listing is still available for a short time:

What do you think?  Leave a comment below, you don’t need to sign up or leave a name. Later I will create a poll, and we can have fun with that.


6 thoughts on “Offer Accepted

  1. guess , who (*drops a nut as hint* )

    Well, I decided already. on my personal google maps thats marked as ” Bears Home” and that it will be. For me. My Bears home 🙂

    sure, you can name it what ever else, but here is my entry:

    Bears Home

  2. Sara

    I like the Moose Lodge! But maybe you should wait to name it until you actually move in and find out any quirks it may have. Get to know the personality of the house first.

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