Been doing a lot of storytelling in the blog so far, but just had some updating to do today on some things – so consider this the first blog of just updates.  Cause it is a few firsts.

Had my first Alaskan earthquake today.  It actually was a “moderate” one, magnitude 5.2 but its epicenter was 100 miles away.  I was sitting at my desk, and the building felt all wobbly.  Not to bad.  I looked up all wide eyed and turned to my coworker, who just turned slowly with a bit of grin and said “I think that’s a quake”.  Two fists went to the air and I wooted on my Facebook.

Finished my first week of work today as well.  The offices close every other Friday on a 9/80 schedule, and I was lucky enough to get the first week off.  It will be good for me, will give me a long weekend to decompress after a long long week.

I went to my first Geocache event in Alaska tonight.  (If you aren’t a geocacher, the rest of this gets confusing, but to the rest of you .. it gets funny).  I met the hider of my first First-To-Find, Ladybugkids, who’s Denali Bluff Bonanza is still my favorite cache of all time.  Turns out he remembers me, and pointed it out to the group remembering my post.  I spent 45minutes dragging myself up the side of a mountain and the terrain was only 3 stars – my post went something like “what does it take to get a 5 star in Alaska, go to Mars?”

Finally, I got my first bit of mail that wasn’t stuff from the post office or something marked “resident”.  Post cards from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin – my parents welcoming me to my new state.

Tomorrow, I have a busy day of errands … I try to get an Alaskan Drivers License, see if I get my air shipment delivered, check out a few condos I have been thinking about for a few weeks, and if time permits … climb a mountain.


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