I Get Why Hoarders Hoard!!


Today, my house was packed up.

I’ve been busting tail the last couple of days getting ready for the movers to come.  Part of what that means is separating out what is crap I kept for no reason & need to throw out, and the crap I kept for no reason & can’t convince myself to throw out.  You could say it helps me to define what I think of myself … but that makes absolutely no sense.  For instance:

1) I must be a golfer, because I have two boxes of golf clubs not including the clubs still in the bag that will ship.

2) I intend to brew beer again someday.

3) I can’t part with any item of clothing unless I donate it – no matter how disgustingly falling apart they are.

Probably the funniest moment of the day came when I was preparing my air shipment.  Most of my stuff is heading to Alaska by boat – and won’t arrive for about 6 weeks (not that I will have a place for it before then), but was allotted 500lbs that will be shipped by air and will arrive next week.  I was sweating that number, because … well … they kept saying “500 adds up real quick”.  Turns out, that’s not true.  I had a big 15 gallon tupperwear bin full of important paperwork, my printer, and three steamer suitcases of clothing.  They weighed it up and it was 250lbs.  So I went grabbing random things to add. Guess what kids, my camping gear gets up there next week.

Tomorrow my mover truck shows, then I paint, clean, nap, then find a place where I can drink a beer or five.

***BTW – Check out the widget to the right that should let you subscribe to the blog so this goes to your e-mail.  And if it doesn’t work, let me know.  I’m still figuring it all out. 😀


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