Do you even know what a blog is?


Welcome all to my first real attempt at a blog.

Yeah … blog.

What … you think I can’t write a blog?  I can write a blog.  I’ll show you I can write a blog.

This started based on a random suggestion.  Since I invited you here, you probably know the basics of my story.  At the time I write this article, I sit with just six days to go before I catch a one way ticket from my old home of Wichita, KS to my new home in Anchorage, AK.  I sit just two days since leaving my 11 year career at Cessna Aircraft Company, to a new career at BP.  There’s a story about the days that I spent down here in Kansas.  There’s a story about how I got the job in Alaska.  There are stories about my expectations, my fears, my hopes, and my utter stupidity.

So … a blog just makes sense.

Hope I can make this worth reading.


2 thoughts on “Do you even know what a blog is?

  1. Dana Whitewolf

    We all are looking forward to reading your new adventures in AK.
    You have closed one chapter in your life, but a new exciting one is about to happen! *hugs*

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